Monday, February 21, 2011


What a great day yesterday was!! Trev {my fiance} and I went out to his aunt and uncles farm for some toboganning, food, drinks, fire, and PIGS! It was pretty sweet! I got to go down and feed all the little baby piggies {the ones pictured} they were squealing, and oinkin' it was too cool! I can't wait till we move out to the country so I can get a couple of pigs and chickens!

And today my lovely parents stopped over for some coffee and freshly baked cookies! By far a great family day weekend!

{Oh and I just have to mention about how Trevor left the sink running in our porch and flooded the laundry room...needless to say the floor got a much needed cleaning, so I guess it's okay that it happened.}

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  1. Great pics Dally! I love the second one of you in your sunglasses.