Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Oh man!! So I woke up at the crack of dawn (9:30) yawn...not really I know but when I work at 12:30 I try and sleep in until at least 10:30 so it was early for me. Then I had to start getting ready for my very first WIWW! So I showered, blow dried, tousled, teased, and curled my way to perfection, got my outfit on, and went to take my picture. But I never realised how hard it is to take a picture of your whole body by yourself(especially if your room is a bit of a mess, so you can't just take a picture of yourself in the mirror or everyone will see your unmade bed) I managed to get these two beauts {insert laugh here}!

Dress: Old Navy $20.00
Tights: Romeo and Juliet
That's it!! I live in Canada so we don't wear our shoes inside or I could tell you all about the cute shoes I would be wearing! I promise this week I will wear something a little more interesting, with jewellery, and maybe even a scarf or a bag, Give me a break this was my first time!

Oh so the rest of my story about the rest of WIWW, the most hard and most crucial part the actual linking! Which I did all wrong...I put in The Pleated Poppies link instead of my own, so when you click on my picture it brings you right back to where you started...not my blog!

Oh and I figured out that WIWW is a compilation of outfits from the week not just Wednesdays!!

Wish me luck for next week!

Do any of you link up for WIWW??  


  1. OMG! Lisa you just made my day!! I'm sitting at work freaking out because "The" Lisa Leonard just commented on my post! {The post in which I have a 5 head and a nice big zit}...But oh well...

    p.s. I'm excited for Indie Buisness!

  2. this cracks me up!! i know exactly the feeling. super awkward. not to mention embarrassing to see yourself (or maybe that's just me :)

    thanks for introducing yourself on my blog! how's the snow been? do you have snow year round in canada?

  3. Not just you, awkward is right!!

    Snow has been great, we don't have it year round where I live only about 4-5 months of the white stuff!

    They have ski hills in cali to don't they??

    Your work is really awesome! I tried crochet...hardest thing I ever did!!