Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Another DIY}

My next little project was inspired by Sarah Richardson from Sarah 101 and Sarah's house on HGTV. She was redoing a wicked ugly bedroom when she found an old coffee table with glass inserts in a second hand store and decided to use it as an "end of the bed chair"...I think that's what it's called? She took the glass inserts out, gave it a fresh coat of paint, and replaced the glass inserts with wood inserts covered with batting and fabric...so they were like cushions!

{Photo Credit: HGTV.ca}
Isn't this room amazing! I'm absolutely in love with it, I wish I was ballsy enough to to a wall paper in a big bold print. She up cycled the side tables as well as the "end of the bed chair", okay wait I'm going to call it a bench now...{why didn't I think of that before?}. So after watching this episode guess what I found over at my in-laws?

I think it's a perfect table for the project! Can't wait to show you the finished product. Also I'm linking up with Tip Junkie today so go on over and check out all the other tips for Tip Me Tuesday. You can click on the link on my side bar ---->


  1. I would love to see this finished! Can't wait!

    Found you on the Tip-Me-Tuesday. If you get a chance check me out. Now following you.

  2. Awe thanks darlin! I will definately be checking your blog out!