Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Indie Biz}

Working on Indie Biz Checklist:
-Water-Double Check
{So important to keep hydrated!}

After taking this picture I started thinking about other bloggers and if they ever feel silly taking certian pictures? For example when I took this picture in a crowded coffee shop I had to stand on my chair...I'm not sure if I got any weird looks...not that I would care or anything any ways, but it probably looked really silly. Does anyone feel weird taking pictures for their blog in public? If you take pictures in say a cool vintage shop would you ask permission first or just snap away? I would love some feed back on this one fellow indie bizzers...


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I sometimes take pictures of food when at restaurants and I get the strangest looks. I know they're thinking, "obviously, she doesn't get out much!". LOL. I usually ask before taking pictures in vintage shops. I don't really have a reason for asking other than to be polite. But shop owners always say that they don't care in my experience.

  2. Hi Dallas! I saw your note on my blog. I'd love to help with an Etsy banner! E-mail me (abandgeek88ATgmailDOTcom) for rates *low, I promise!* and we can talk about what you want!

  3. Hi Dallas! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think it's great that we Indie Biz gals are a out there supporting each other. Who knows what we can achieve with a community like this. I look forward to following your progress too!

    Pink Pepper

  4. I look silly while taking pictures all the time! I just don't mind it much. Got really used to being stared at in Japan, because foreigners just get stared at whatever they do there. Had that going on for more than three years, now I just don't notice anymore!

    @Earl-Leigh: I always take pictures of food, friends even think it's weird, and I'm not even a foodie!