Sunday, March 27, 2011

{Sew Messy}

Does any one else have an extremely cluttered and unorganized sewing room?? or is it just me?!

I find that when you are a creative person, you accumulate quite a few odds and sodds for future crafting. For instance I mostly sew cappuccino cozys, crayon cozys, blankies, and I just started making earrings and hair pins but I have the weirdest things in my "studio".

Here are the top 5:
-Plastic Cutlery
-Cotton Swabs
-2 boxes of jam jars
-A guitar {no one plays guitar in my house...yet}

I think it's time for some spring cleaning...

Any weird things in your sewing room/studio/creative space?? Feel free to share and even post a link with some pictures!

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