Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Tip Me Tuesday}

Part #1

So linking up with Tip Junkie today...My tip for you is on sewing room organization! And I have just decided to make it a series of tips for your sewing room! This all came about last night I had this huge like 1 liter jug of buttons and it was so hard trying to find the right color of button in a sea of thousands. This may seem pretty obvious but I got out 4 smaller jars and seperated them {Trevor helped while watching sports center} by color!
So much easyier to find that perfect one!

Don't they look pretty??


  1. Very pretty! I should do something with my giant jar of buttons too. It's just been sitting there looking sad, for ages!
    I found your blog through indie ;-)

  2. Awe thanks hun! Just became an official follower of your blog it's tres' cute! It's nice to find fellow Canadian bloggers, I never would have found any if it weren't for indie biz.

  3. weeeeeee buttons!!!! I do the same thing with mine, and love how purdy it looks!