Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{Wedding Card Box}

It's not done completely....I'm still going to add a piece of card stock with the word "CARDS" in really pretty font, and possibly ribbon on the bottom as well. Originally {before I added ribbon} I was thinking people could just slip cards through the bars, but then I thought some cards might be to big...the top does open up so I just added ribbon and I will leave the top open at the wedding.

I got this amazing bird cage at Winners for $20 dollars...I think I might go and get another one either smaller or bigger and put some flowers in it or candles...Any one have any other cute wedding ideas? 

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  1. This is gorgeous, I love it! What a great idea :) To answer your question, the bridesmaid dresses were brown, 'truffle' to be exact. Good luck with the shoes, I had all my girls find any pair of hot pink shoes they wanted! Don't feel pressured to have them all in the exact same style of shoes, variations can be fun!