Friday, March 25, 2011


I am pretty much speechless...I just checked my email and guess what was waiting for me....3 logo concepts to choose from! Designed by Dionne over at Studio Chic Designs. I was so happy to see that email hanging out in my inbox...after a rough work week that was just what I needed. It's so awesome to see something I have been working so hard on become real life! This logo was just one more step in making my handmade biz become a reality...

Here is a direct link to Dionne's blog: Studio Chic Designs

Please go check it out if you haven't already, I am soooo happy with her work and I can't thank her enough for helping to make my dreams come true!

I really wish I could show you the three concepts I get to choose from but I'm not sure if that's aloud so you will just have to wait and see....


  1. Ohhhhh, I'm so excited for my little sis! I can't wait for the unveiling... I'll be waiting in anticipation.

  2. I'm sooo excited too! I asked her if I could post all the concepts she sent me but I'm still waiting her reply...