Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Vintage Finds}

Yesterday before work I went into town early and stopped by Treasures in Time Antique Market!! And it was sooo worth it. I purchased and am now the lovely owner of a box packed full of hankies for only $12! What a steal I even got the box they all came in which is kind of cool...

The box is a velvet green color with's in okay shape I might use it for display at a craft fair...

And all these lovies came inside of it, some have initials already embroidered on them which is too cool. It makes you wonder who used to own these...

And then some really colorful hankies too!!

And if I had the money yesterday I would have bought this quilt! How pretty! It had a tag on it that said it was from 1940 and it came from Mississippi...price tag $250 but she said I could have it for $200...I may have to go back for it one day {Maybe if I got some sales on Etsy:)}

This is the bottom of the quilt which is equally as beautiful as the top!

Have you found any great vintage finds lately? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


YAWN! lovely hubs went to work bright and early this morning and left his alarm clock on. I must tell you this is no ordinary alarm clock...first I tried letting the music play out, after the song finished it just then I tried switching it off, that didn't work either! But I did manage to turn on beach noise, you know seagulls, waves crashing that type of thing. And just when I got settled my alarm went off, but guess whaaaat?? That means today is Wednesday!! And you know what that means, another attempt at What I Wore Wednesday! And this has got to be by far my best one yet!!eeeek

Look #1 Family supper...

Cardi: Old Navy $20
Cami: American Eagle $5
Ring: H&M {Can't remember how much it was but it had to be a good deal}

Look #2 Work...

Top: Old Navy {cheap}
Trousers: Suzy Shier $25
Necklace: H&M
Bag: Chanel {Fake- From T.O. my bff Dani got it for me!<3}

*Now that I've put the pic up I notice you can't eve see my pants or my bag!

And today I will be linking my WIWW post with The Pleated Poppy!! Check out all the other ladies participating here.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Mr. and Mrs.}

Before Trev and I can become Mr. and Mrs. we need to get our invites done!! We have been working on these {along with various family members and best maids} for at least 3 weeks! But we saved a ton of cash doing them by ourselves...

...100 cut by hand {well the machine below did most of the work}

...The Accuform!!

...All our little pretties getting ready for the final stages; still have to add some ribbon and a "charm", stuff the invitation with appropriate information {registry,map,details}, and then they can be mailed off to their final destination. Our furthest invitation will be travelling to Australia! And the closest will be just across the street <3

...Ooo I just about forgot about our "wish tree" tags!! These are our modern twist on the traditional guest book! I will tell you more about these in a couple weeks...

Any neat guest book ideas you have seen? or heard of? I just love hearing about the creative things people come up with!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{I'm in Stitches?!}

I have had this wonderful quilt top for almost a year I'm sure, and I finally decided to hurry up and get it finished so I can sell it. It would be so cute for a trendy little baby girl! I would love it if some of you could help me decide on how to finish it...

What color do you think I should do on the other side of this quilt?

Should I make a border as well?

What design do you think I should get quilted on it?

Also my Cappuccino Cozy was featured on the Alberta Street Team Blog...and they want to do an interview too! YAY I'm pretty excited, I will post a link to it when it's all said and done!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Cake Pops-Tip Me Tuesday}

What a late post! Sorry guys I just got my camera back from jbags house, so now I can show you how it went making cake pops on Friday!! And I have lots and lots of great tips!

Tip #1
Back your cakes the night before so you don't have to wait allll day for them to cool. Also one 9x13 cake makes up to 42 cake pops I didn't even use all of my cake from one let alone two. So that's something to take into consideration when baking :)

See those green blocks...that's floral foam that I covered in plastic wrap so we could use it more than once. The foam blocks are used to set the cake pops in upright so the chocolate can set. Be sure to punch holes in the foam before you start!

VERY IMPORTANT: chocolate chips don't work! Be sure to use melting chocolate, this stuff is from Micheals and it worked great!

My pops

j pops

Haha a couple jbags said couldn't be in the pictures, but I posted them anyways! tee hee


Sunday, April 17, 2011


Happy Sunday Everyone! I just have a few quick little announcements to make...

1. I forgot my camera at j-bags house, so I can't post any cakepops pics until possible Tuesday. But it went really well and I have alot of great tips for those of you who want to try it out!

2. I now have Twitter! Ahhh it's so crazy I don't really know how to use it yet, but I'm getting the hang of it. So if you want to follow my tweets come find @SewIndy If your follwing me chances are I'm following you too!

3. Gussy is doing ANOTHER GREAT GIVEAWAY!! This one is for shop owners! And well I guess you can enter the giveaway...but I'm really hoping I win this one!

So if you really, really, really, and I mean really want to enter this GIVEAWAY head on over to gussy and enter! Enter Here!

And here is a preview of My Little Buffalos work...{The prize is a shop makeover from her!!}

Friday, April 15, 2011


I just had to post this...I have been spelling and saying ETSY wrong for months and months!!

I had no idea why my links wouldn't work when I typed them in, and I was wondering why my sister kept saying "Etsy"...

HAHA I thought it was ESTY...I had the S and the T swithced around!

{Chocolate balls anyone?}

HAHA I'm making cake pops today with my good will just call her j-bags because I'm not sure if she wants to be on my blog yet! Never heard of cake pops? Let me jog your memory....

I baked 2, 9 x 13 cakes last night so they could cool overnight and be ready for cake popping this afternoon. I baked a cherry chip, and a chocolate. For the chocolate cake pops I'm going to be covering them with a reese chocoate, and the cherry chip cake pops are going to be covered in a white chocolate chip!!

I will be sure to take lots of pics!! This could be interesting!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Stampin it up}

What a productive day! I went to Micheals craft store after work today...FABULOUS! I used to think that they were waaay to expensive, and never shop their, but that is sooo not true. They have these bins here and there in the store with a ton of cute, different items for on $1.50. I got some stamps, ink pads, straws, crayons, and lolli pop sticks!

I used the stamps on my earring tags, because I don't like my own hand writing very much... I'm really happy with how they turned out. I also stamped some price tags, and organized my sewing room, did a bit of ironing and interfacing....ahhhh what a great day!

How was your day? Anything exciting happen?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{And the Winner Is.....}

The WINNER of my Launch Day GIVEAWAY, by random selection is....{drum roll please}....

Kristy from The Odd Girl!!

To claim your prize please email me your mailing address to

YAY!! Can't wait to see if I will be the lucky winner from any Launch Day prizes!

{What I Wore Wednesday - WIWW}

After my complete FAIL at my first WIWW,and attempted What I WOULD WEAR Wednesday posts I've got the guts to give it a try one more time, and see if I can pull it off...*please keep in mind that I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week so Monday is the only day I dressed "nicely"....hence only one outfit! But hey, you give it a try cataloging your outfits it's WAYYY harder than it looks.


                 Glasses: mine! {yes they are real}
Top: Wear House One Jean Store $10.00
Trousers {haha}: Suzy Shier $25.00 on sale

 If you would like to see a real WIWW try:     


Which by the way guess who bought some GUSSY swag?? That's right ME!! But it isn't for me...It's for my mom and my sister!! eeek I can't wait to get it in the mail!!

Beautiful right?? Oh and just a reminder to sign up for my previous GIVEAWAY post!! You have until 9:00 tonight!! Just leave me a comment about where you will wear you new Indy Earrings!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

{*Launch Day*}

11th monkey designed this lovely banner and organized our class Launch Day!


I would like to welcome you to come and check out items in my brand new Esty shop just click on the following link and you will be taken directly to my shop... Sew Indy Shop
I would also like to invite you to check out a few of my fellow indie bizzers shops...

A fellow Canadian Laurie-Beth! She makes coffee cozies too with cute flower yo yo's on them and she has just introduced some cute new pouches and bracelets... Pursue Joy Shop

Check out some purrdy purses at LilacLime Studios

Stella Grace Boutique makes the cutest stuffies for "Little stellas and little fellas"

I'm saving the best for last GIVEAWAYS...

11th Monkey is doing a giveaway on her blog today

BonitaRose is also doing one...

Pickled Poppy yup she's got a giveaway too!

I like your {{moxie}} kid you guessed it she has one too...

There are sooo many girls doing giveaways those are just a few!
And I wasn't going to do a giveaway, but I changed my mind! {Lucky} for you. All you have to do Is Comment on this post, and for brownie points you can comment on my facebook page as well ! The giveaway will run until wednesday at 9:00 pm!!

Where will you wear these lovely Indy Earrings?

* I apologize in advance for not supporting everyone who is partaking in Launch Day, and the lack of product in my Esty store. I have been experiencing some MAJOR Internet issues!grrr very frustrating!!*

Saturday, April 9, 2011

{Shipping Department}

So in preparation for our Indie Biz classes wind up {which sadly yesterday was the last day :(} a bunch us gals are preparing to open our online shops and feature our blogs for the first time including ME! On April 11th I will be participating and opening my Esty shop and I can't wait!! We are calling it "Launch Day" and our Indie teachers and fellow classmates are even going to tweet about it and post it on their blogs...very cool.

I have been working hard all week making an Esty banner, coming up with shipping,and return/exchange policies, and making my welcome message. I even got to do a titch of shopping, just some basic shipping supplies envelopes, packing tape, and storage type things for my "shipping center".

I cut all those tags in the basket today at the scrapbook store with their cricut, can't wait to put them to good use...

I have had this magazine rack since high school, its from Ikea and I think it will be great for organizing invoices.

  I just need some stamps and I have to go an quiz the girls at the post office to figure out my shipping prices. Ahhhhh shipping prices how I have struggled to come up with these numbers!?! Wish me luck...wish me lots and lots of luck!

Friday, April 8, 2011

{Vintage Banners}

So lately I have been really into these pennant banners! I think they are great for decorations at birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, weddings, holidays and so cheap and easy to make...I have seen some banners made from paper and others made from fabric!! Here are just a few cute ones I have found online.

I just bought a membership for the local scrapbook store, and with that membership I get to use their cricut and accuform machines!! I'm so excited to create a banner using some of the fonts and designs for the cricut!! eeeek I can't wait...

Has anyone made these before? I would love some advice on the dimensions for the triangles...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Recipe Swap!!!-Prairie Story}

Today I'm sharing a really easy recipe for mini pizza' hard right?? I like to make these and then either freeze them for last minute lunches, or every day lunches for Trev, or just keep them in the fridge for an on the go snack.

Before I start I like to get all my ingredients cut up and ready to go. For these pizza's I used Mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, chives, and 3 kinds of meat ham, pepperoni, salami, and of course pizza sauce. I made my dough before hand as well...ooops I forgot to take a picture of that?!

Starting with your dough in a small round add your sauce...meat...mushrooms...cheese...and lastly chives! Pop it in the oven until crust is golden brown and cheese is nice and bubbly.


Hope you enjoyed this "complex" recipe!

Check out the rest of the recipes on Prairie Story

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Bridal Shower}

I have set the date for my bridal shower, eeek!! And yes I picked a theme "Mad Hatter"...which at first I just picked it because you can do sooo many fun things for decoration, but after I realized that Alice in Wonderland was my favorite Disney movie growing up. Here are some great and inexpensive ideas I have found so far for my "very un-bridal shower".... 

I would like to incorporate this onto the invite

So what do you think? Any great shower games anyone can think of?