Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Cake Pops-Tip Me Tuesday}

What a late post! Sorry guys I just got my camera back from jbags house, so now I can show you how it went making cake pops on Friday!! And I have lots and lots of great tips!

Tip #1
Back your cakes the night before so you don't have to wait allll day for them to cool. Also one 9x13 cake makes up to 42 cake pops I didn't even use all of my cake from one let alone two. So that's something to take into consideration when baking :)

See those green blocks...that's floral foam that I covered in plastic wrap so we could use it more than once. The foam blocks are used to set the cake pops in upright so the chocolate can set. Be sure to punch holes in the foam before you start!

VERY IMPORTANT: chocolate chips don't work! Be sure to use melting chocolate, this stuff is from Micheals and it worked great!

My pops

j pops

Haha a couple jbags said couldn't be in the pictures, but I posted them anyways! tee hee



  1. Oh they tasted great! Not at all what I was expecting, very moist, kind of brownie-ish! Really {SWEET}

  2. Dallas - you are amazing.

    How do you get the cake into the balls?


  3. Oh ya...I guess I forgot to list the cake pop process!? After your cakes have cooled you break it up into really fine pieces, and add about 1/2 a container of icing...Then you get your hands dirty and mix it all together. Once it has been formed into one giant ball, you just break off smaller pieces and roll them into balls about 1 inch in diameter....

  4. Love them! Nice up close picture!

  5. OOO! My daughters Bday is coming up and this might be just the thing! Awesome!