Friday, April 15, 2011

{Chocolate balls anyone?}

HAHA I'm making cake pops today with my good will just call her j-bags because I'm not sure if she wants to be on my blog yet! Never heard of cake pops? Let me jog your memory....

I baked 2, 9 x 13 cakes last night so they could cool overnight and be ready for cake popping this afternoon. I baked a cherry chip, and a chocolate. For the chocolate cake pops I'm going to be covering them with a reese chocoate, and the cherry chip cake pops are going to be covered in a white chocolate chip!!

I will be sure to take lots of pics!! This could be interesting!


  1. let me know how it goes! i've been thinking about trying it out... i got about as far as buying the lollipop sticks! can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  2. Get outta here! I seriously just bookmarked the recipe for these this morning! I was going to try it out for my little guys birthday party :-)

    This is where I got my tutorial from:

    I am going to check back to see how they turn out for you- let me know if there is anything I should know, or any pointers!


  3. Thanks for the link Frances!

    I'm a little nervous just because I keep thinking the cake balls will just crumble when I try to put the lollipop stick in them...or fall off the stick when I try to dip them in chocolate! Hopefully it will be easy as cake!lol I {love} puns!!