Friday, April 1, 2011

{chop chop} my toe skin chopped off!eeek sooo exciting, now maybe I can wear some cute shoes this spring and more importantly for my wedding! I have had this really annoying ingrown toenail for over 1 was always angry and pussy {sorry for grossing everyone out this morning}...So after two wedge resections...multiple very painful freezing injections {I cried everytime}. I decided to suggest cutting away the skin around the toenail that is so desperately trying to escape from under my skin, and that's what happened yesterday! It hurt alot, they had to freeze it, then they cut it and it wasn't frozen enough, so they froze it that's a total of 4 injections, then they poke your toe with a needle in various spots to make sure it's really frozen, which thank god the second time around it was frozen!! Enough about that though sorry guys it's kind of cool for me, it work at a hospital so stuff like that doesn't really bother me :)

Quiche and class anyone? There is a really cute cupcake store by my work that I had to visit the other day, I quickly snapped this pic while no one was looking!teehee. I ordered the largest white mocha they had and this wonderful delicious quiche...mmmmmm soooo goood! I'm looking forward to spring it's almost here, it rained yesterday?! Which was weird because there is still 2 feet of snow in most places...I can't wait for beer league slo-pitch to start, spring dresses, camping, fires, having friends over for BBQ...ahh it's going to be so great! 

What are you looking forward to most this spring??  

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  1. Your toenail story had me cringing all over, because I hate needles and cutting and all those other scary things. But I hope you like the result and it will no longer be bothering you!

    You the coffee and quiche picture quickly when no one was looking? Wasn't it allowed to take pictures or are you a bit embarassed about taking pictures for your blog? Just pretend these pictures are super important to take and you'll suddenly feel proud and don't need to take secret and quick pics anymore!