Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Mr. and Mrs.}

Before Trev and I can become Mr. and Mrs. we need to get our invites done!! We have been working on these {along with various family members and best maids} for at least 3 weeks! But we saved a ton of cash doing them by ourselves...

...100 cut by hand {well the machine below did most of the work}

...The Accuform!!

...All our little pretties getting ready for the final stages; still have to add some ribbon and a "charm", stuff the invitation with appropriate information {registry,map,details}, and then they can be mailed off to their final destination. Our furthest invitation will be travelling to Australia! And the closest will be just across the street <3

...Ooo I just about forgot about our "wish tree" tags!! These are our modern twist on the traditional guest book! I will tell you more about these in a couple weeks...

Any neat guest book ideas you have seen? or heard of? I just love hearing about the creative things people come up with!!


  1. hello! just found your blog through your big win over at gussy! how fun :) do you live in indianapolis? it's nice to see a blog from someone not married with kiddos like me lol! i'm getting married in october, we should swap planning stories!

  2. Hey Kristin!! Gussy is the best hey? I'm acctually from a small town outside of Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, Canada! HA what a mouth full....Congrats on your upcomming marriage!

  3. Hey Dallas! Found you from Gussy..congrats on the win! :) I've seen some cute ideas for guest books - one being a couple polaroid cameras to snap a photo and then sign the bottom, another one being a small flat card to write a note that will later be out into a scrap book along with the wedding photos. Happy Planning!! xoxo

  4. hiiii! i found you through gussy sew's blog and i love love love you thus far!
    i heart your invites and in the future i may borrow your idea! i just wanted to let you know at my cousin's wedding they made a photo book and had their guests sign the different pages. also at my friends wedding last summer they had a photo booth and guests took pictures in the booth and then pasted them in a blank book and wrote a message next to their photo. both are super cute! one is more expensive than the other though. i can't wait to see what you come up with! congrats!

  5. HEEEY LADIES!! Welcome to Sew Indy! Both great ideas...photo booth, that would be amazing! I have also seen someone do that and the pics turned out great...the ones at the end of the night were sooo funny!

  6. For some reason I thought you were already married... I just checked, I was working on your interview and you referred to Trevor as your hubs once! So you're not quite there yet, exciting! When is the big day?

  7. HA! Nope we are getting married in September the 10th to be exact! I always just call him my hubs! It's easyier than fiance and more grown up than boyfriend...lol