Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Vintage Finds}

Yesterday before work I went into town early and stopped by Treasures in Time Antique Market!! And it was sooo worth it. I purchased and am now the lovely owner of a box packed full of hankies for only $12! What a steal I even got the box they all came in which is kind of cool...

The box is a velvet green color with's in okay shape I might use it for display at a craft fair...

And all these lovies came inside of it, some have initials already embroidered on them which is too cool. It makes you wonder who used to own these...

And then some really colorful hankies too!!

And if I had the money yesterday I would have bought this quilt! How pretty! It had a tag on it that said it was from 1940 and it came from Mississippi...price tag $250 but she said I could have it for $200...I may have to go back for it one day {Maybe if I got some sales on Etsy:)}

This is the bottom of the quilt which is equally as beautiful as the top!

Have you found any great vintage finds lately? 

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