Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{What I Wore Wednesday - WIWW}

After my complete FAIL at my first WIWW,and attempted What I WOULD WEAR Wednesday posts I've got the guts to give it a try one more time, and see if I can pull it off...*please keep in mind that I had Tuesday and Wednesday off this week so Monday is the only day I dressed "nicely"....hence only one outfit! But hey, you give it a try cataloging your outfits it's WAYYY harder than it looks.


                 Glasses: mine! {yes they are real}
Top: Wear House One Jean Store $10.00
Trousers {haha}: Suzy Shier $25.00 on sale

 If you would like to see a real WIWW try:     


Which by the way guess who bought some GUSSY swag?? That's right ME!! But it isn't for me...It's for my mom and my sister!! eeek I can't wait to get it in the mail!!

Beautiful right?? Oh and just a reminder to sign up for my previous GIVEAWAY post!! You have until 9:00 tonight!! Just leave me a comment about where you will wear you new Indy Earrings!!

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