Sunday, May 1, 2011

{Fight Night!}

Have I mentioned how in {love} I am with instagram lately? If you have and Ipod or an Iphone I would recommend downloading it! It's a great way to connect and share photos with other people, or just look at some really great photos. The Earlybird filter is by far my favorite as you can probably tell...I also downloaded This is note, and Label box but I haven't had a chance to play around with them yet...any tips or suggestions are welcome.

We had a house full of people yesterday, 10.5 to be exact! My sister brought that lovely greek mixed green salad it was soooo good. I will be sharing the recipe on Thursday if you interested. My mom and Dad brought dessert, and 2 lovely bouquets of tulips for a hostess gift! I just love little unsuspected gifts like that <3
After a great dinner, we all sat down and watched a little UFC 129! Haha it was a blast!

How was your weekend?

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