Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Happy Monday! umm...I mean Tuesday!}

I'm Back! What a great May long weekend! 4 whole days with not a care in the world, having fun with great friends! And I got a nice little surprise this afternoon... YEOWWWW!! My Gussy Sews order!!! I have been captivated by Gussys blog for quite some time now, Maggies story is truly inspirational and I really look up to her ;)

A key!! Oh how I love getting the key, it means I got something too big and beautiful to fit in the normal post box.

Two pretty Gussy bags! One for my sister and one for my momma! Now I might just have to buy myself a little clutch ;)I don't want to be left out!!

Have you received any goodies in the mail lately?


  1. Oh! I lurve Gussy bags! Your mom and sister are very lucky.

  2. They are very lucky ;) Do you have a gussy bag?? if you do which one? I can't decide...also let me know when your cozys come in the mail!!

  3. ohhhhhhhh I love maggie's bags.. she is such an inspiration for me too.. lucky you!! hugs xo

  4. Stopping over from your interview on Gussy Sews :) LOVE Maggie and her Gussy bags! I just got one today, and I too was pumped to get the blue key in my mailbox!

  5. I only have the "Spring Blue" wristlet for now, but really want one of her totes. You should get the "Gray and Yellow Floral" Clutch so that I can live vicariously through you. ;)