Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Long time no blog}

WOW! I have been such a bad blogger this week, and it's going to get worse because as of tomorrow after 1 pm I will be camping! Which means no cell, no ipod touch {for twitter}, no computer, and no Internet. But it's going to be great, everyone needs some time to relax and be cut off from the rest of the world...pretty refreshing.

So pretty much I am apologizing for my lack of bloggy goodness early. Sorry guys....But on the upside here is a pretty pair of earrings I made :)

In other news:

As we were going through the camper last night and checking out what we had and didn't have I found my most favorite hair brush that had been lost for about 1 whole year. Don't you love finding things you thought had been lost for good? I read somewhere that when you put your winter coats away for the summer, you should put $20 dollars in the pocket, so when winter blows in and you put you jacket on you have a nice little surprise! Great idea but what if your like me and you have 4 winter jackets!haha

Are any of my Canadian followers going camping for May Long??


  1. I've put mulah in a winter coat before. Thing is, I never forgot it was there so I had to resist grabbing it in a pinch :)

  2. Haha I would totally do the same thing!! Go grab it for coffee one morning or something!