Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{May Maddness}

WOW! What a crazy month this has been for me! I am sponsoring 1 blog Searching for Serendipity a crafty blog about a tattooed mama to be and her adventures in gardening, crafting and parenthood. Right now you can enter Kami's virtual baby pool for a ton of cool prizes. Whoever guesses closest wins ALL the loot! She is also up for The Top 25 Pregnancy Blog on Circle of Moms I have voted for her, have you??

Click here to see all the May sponsors "about me" write ups!

And I am being featured on 2 blogs later this month!! GAH so exciting! I got to answer a bunch of really great questions, and submit awesome photos of my handmade goodies, me, and my studio!! I can't wait to share all these posts with you but you will have to wait...

I was looking through all the photos from my I pod today and I don't think I shared these with you... Some pics from Trevors uncles farm.

tee hee! Stinky but cute!


  1. so cute! i have a pig love, not going to lie.... !

  2. I just pretty much love any cute little baby animal!