Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Recipe Swap Thursday}

Today I will be linking up with Prairie Story for Recipe Swap Thursday! This isn't my own recipe I got it from my lovely sister, who is the queen of salads! She always has a new and interesting salad up her sleeve {not literally of course! HA}

For this recipe you will need:
-Mixed bell peppers red, orange, yellow
-A medium purple onion
-REAL olives
-Feta cheese
-Roma tomatoes
-Mixed greens
-A good greek salad dressing

Cut all vegetables "greek style" {I think that's a culinary term?} Greek Style just pretty much means large chunks.

Add vegetables to a large bowl of your mixed greens

Top your mixture with feta cheese and whole olives.

Add your greek dressing just before serving <3

Hope you enjoy this recipe! It was such a good salad enjoyed at a BBQ last week on the back porch.

Come back next Thursday for a FAB-ULOUS banana muffin recipe

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