Saturday, May 14, 2011


Happy Saturday Everyone! Hope your all having a great weekend so far. I am to I guess, for the most part I have gotten over mistakenly forgetting to put our wedding date on our dance invites :)Haha I guess it's a bit who does that? Anyways on with the show!

I just love seeing inside other peoples studios/office/work space, so I thought I would give you a little glimpse of mine. I took all these photos with my instagram app on my ipod, hence the poorish quality. I don't mind the pics I think they are really cool they are just a bit fuzzy is all.

Here is my lovely Kenmore, his name is Kenny! He actually belongs to my mom, but she has kindly let me use him! One day I hope to get my own sewing machine but Kenny works just fine, and the sewing machine I long for is far too expensive {$1500} ouch! and that's cheap...

Here is a basket full of Sew Indy cozys!

Peace Yo!

Haha! I will never forget the first thing I tried to sew without a rotary cutter or a mat! FAIL! These are definitely essentials to any sewist I'm sure!

What are the essentials in your sewing room?

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  1. my essentials are, my mat and cutter for SURE! Seam ripper (haha) although she tends to spend more and more time in the drawer the longer I sew ;) and obviously my machine!

    Cute blog and shop!! (I'm a fellow AB Street Team member)