Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{WIWW-With The Pleated Poppy}

It's Wednesday people! Time for another attempt at What I Wore Wednesday. I only got one outfit this week though, but it's a good one :) The day I took these pics was a CRAZY day...after I took these pics and started to drive to work I realized that I forgot to put on mascara. And I don't know about you but if I forget mascara, it looks like I have no eye lashes because they are so blonde. So obviously I had to go buy more mascara which was going to make me late for work....{keep reading below to see what happens next}

Top: Old Navy $20
Shoes:  Aldo $10 from the kids section!
Necklace: H&M
Cardi: Old Navy $10

{HA! I was trying to get a pic of me looking at me, just about got it}

....So onto the rest of my story I was a bit late for work and I still needed my Tims coffee. So I'm in the drive thru playing on my I pod all of a sudden I look up and my truck is PUSHING this little car! GAH! So we both get our coffees and park after the drive thru to assess the damage. {By this point I'm pretty much in tears} This girl is like the sweetest person in the world and says "It's totally fine, there is no damage, are you okay?" Of course I'm okay, but are you? I just hit your car?! I gave her the biggest hug EVER and apologized. Long story short no damage for either of us, and I will never play on my I pod in the drive through again!!
How has your week been so far?? any freak accidents in the drive thru??HA


  1. my week has been good but i am already ready for the weekend!!! :) im glad noone was hurt in your drive thru mishap! i have definitely done that before :)

  2. Sooo ready for the weekend to! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has done that before :)