Monday, June 6, 2011


My lovely bloggy friend Whitney is doing a giveaway on her blog Earl Leigh Designs today and you have until the 19th of June at midnight to enter!!! So go enter...

Oh ya I guess I should tell you what the giveaway rhymes with toffee posy...any guesses?? It's a coffee cozy!!! From me...haha. But she is also including a "Earlmade" pouch to carry your cozy in, when it's not wrapped around a carmel coretto, double double, or a machiatto! Mmmm now I'm in the mood for a gourmet coffee....

Pictures courtesy of Earl Leigh


And this is an owl cozy pretty much made just for Whitney! It's so cool to think something I made in Canada is all the way in the United States, South Carolina to be exact...Just chillin with Whitney!! Saaweet!

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  1. Hey! Came over from Earl's blog.
    Your blog is adorable and so are your cozies!
    I'm getting married too so it's always fun to see others who are going through the same process :)

    Now following!