Thursday, June 30, 2011

(Insta Friday}

So if you haven't figured it out already I really love the Instagram app on my I pod touch...{my last three posts included pics from it!} And that is why I am so happy I found the blog Life Rearranged so I could link up with the most amazing post EVER...InstaFriday!! Not sure what InstaFriday is?? It's a super great post where you add pics from your Instagram to make a little story about what your week was like {That's my interpretation}

So this was actually a couple weeks ago...but who's counting? That's me and my mom at Ikea...I think the bathroom section to be exact!

Ahh the 50 cent hotdogs! That's why I love Ikea for silly stuff like that!! Haha they also had a vending machine for spare parts but I unfortunately didn't snap a picture of that!

This week I did start the 17 Day Diet! Soo far so good, cupcakes aren't carbs right? lol

This was my breakie today!! mmm mmm and it's 17 Day Diet approved ;)

How was your week?? Any plans for the weekend? I'm working so please let me know what your up to so I can live vicariously through you...


  1. Popping over from Life Rearraged's InstaFriday! I too am in love with Instagram! Fantastic, isn't it?!

    Good luck with the 17 diet...sounds like something I should consider.

  2. Happy InstaFriday!

    I'm intrigued by this 17 day diet . . .

  3. You had me at the 'breakie' & IKEA... fantastic :)

  4. I love the Instagram ap too...use it ALL. THE.TIME

  5. Oh cool, my pics were at IKEA this week too! Love the blog!!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies! So glad we all {heart} instagram sooo much!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE ikea! i am such a huge hot dog fan, i can't believe i haven't even had one there. and 50 cents? thats cheaper than costco. i think i'm gonna have to make a stop at little-sweden ASAP!