Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Wednesday already...}

Good Morning Everyone! It's Wednesday my last day off boo :( but I got alot accomplished around the house, so I don't really mind going back to work tomorrow HA. I've also started working out as of Monday because guess what?? MY WEDDING DRESS CAME IN! I've gone to two work out classes in two day...yay 2 for 2...and today at 5:45 I'm going to try a Zumba class. I'm kind of scared...what if I look really silly? or can't keep up?? oh well I just have to try I guess, maybe I will really love it! Now for some pics of amazing food that I can no longer eat, if I want to look amazing in my dress...

Last weekend my mom and I went to Ikea, and some other shops in Edmonton...I had so much fun! But got pretty tuckered out, my mom likes to shop, ALOT! We got to eat at one of my favorite restaurants Joeys...not Joeys Only, or Joey Tomatoes, just Joeys! It's sooo good...this was the crab dip, AMAZING! And really cute presentation!

I guess I could probably eat this salad on my diet! This is what my mom ordered it has avocado, strawberries, chicken, and candied pecans...delish

And this is what I had a shrimp curry...mmmmm...

Hope I haven't made you all to hungry this morning, if you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be??


  1. Yay for wedding dresses! And working out! And eating healthy!! :) Keep up the good work, sister. You will LOVE Zumba. And you probably will look a little funny at first but I bet you a million bucks that the 40 something year old trying to keep up next to you will look sillier :) It's all part of the fun. Have a good time!!

  2. Oh thanks Joy!! hehe I should have gone to Zumba but I was just to nervous...I later found out there was only 3 other people that went to the class...I opted for spin class instead!...Maybe next week I will have worked up enough courage!

  3. Oh man, spin class seems so hard core! Was it fun? I bet you felt uh maze ing afterwards!!