Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{What I Love Wednesday}

Good Morning! So I'm trying something new today...I'm linking up with Lollipops blog for her What I Love Wednesday post! I just discovered it today after reading the blog A Life Unrehearsed...she loved vintage kitchen glasses! So pretty!

And I love...Enjoying the sunshine before work! This morning I ate breakfast, drank my coffee, and tanned on the deck. I like to take in every single ray of sunshine I can while it lasts, because guess what? Tomorrow my day off...looks like rain :(

What are you enjoying this Wednesday??


  1. I enjoyed having a lunch date at the park with my honey and just having an hour to 'catch up' - it's the small things ;)

  2. Manda Jane...lunch date in the park! I haven't done that forever...thanks for the great idea!

  3. I got to see some old friends who were in town. Always a fun thing! Happy Wednesday ( or what's left of it!).

    ~Kate (stopping by from What I Love Wednesday)