Friday, August 26, 2011


Another week has gone by and there are only 14 days until my wedding day! I can't believe it, the last year and a half since we got engaged has flown by! And guess what? only 19 days until we leave for Europe on our honeymoon. I can't wait!

Here are some of my instagram pics from this week! Hope you enjoy...

This is the lake we are getting married by, my friend L and I went cliff jumping on Monday. And I'm proud to say I went off the biggest cliff!

I purchased some new shoes for only $20 dollars, Love them!

I went for a butcher of beer with my sister after a long day of wedding "stuff" shopping/ Costco's trip. A butcher is smaller than a pint, and was invented for butcher, blacksmiths, and candlestick makers, so they didn't get so drunk on their lunch breaks :) We tried a nice light German beer, to get me ready for Oktoberfest in Munich!

And I'm happy to say I only have 5 bridal shower thank-you cards left to do! I stayed up all night, it was actually fun writing personal messages to everyone. I sealed them shut with a beautiful antique looking washi tape!

Can't wait to see everyone elses IG pics, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{What I Love Wednesday}

This past weekend was my very merry bridal shower! Mad Hatter themed of course! Such a great time with some pretty amazing family and friends.

There was amazing food! Oh gosh my mouth is watering thinking about this spread. Croissant sandwiches, jumbo garlic shrimp, cupcakes, crab dip, fudge, tarts, veggies, fruit....delish!

Whimsical lanterns were hung in the trees...

Tea cups, doilies, table cloths, and flowers everywhere!

Oh ya and of course presents. I had such a great time, my Auntie was an amazing host! And I'm so happy I got to see all my family.

Friday, August 19, 2011

{Insta Friday}

Woohoo last day till the weekend! This weekend is going to be very special for me, I have not one but two wedding showers being held in my honor! Craziness that means our wedding is just around the corner. I have been so busy working and planning this week I haven't had a chance to get very much blogging in. But I will be sure to get lots of pics this weekend of my "very merry" mad hatter themed bridal shower{s}!! I can't wait to see how my Aunties decorations turn out. So on with my Insta Friday post, some pics from this week...

There is a really cute shop just across the street from my work, stopped in on my supper break to take a peek!

My cravings got the best of me, and I had KFC...but I walked to KFC so that has to count as a bit healthy.

I caught up on some old school Fresh Prince!

And started reading a new book from the library!! My first borrow!

Monday, August 15, 2011

{Life Made Lovely-Monday}

Happy Monday Sew Indy readers! I had some pretty amazing giveaways last week and I would like to announce the winners and make some lucky followers Monday a little more Lovely!! I would also like to give you a few tips if you would like to host your own giveaway!

First the tips just to keep you in suspense a little longer! Ha evil I know {well not really, I guess you could just scroll down...if you really wanted to see who the winners were!}

1.Do not host your giveaway during the QBM or any other important blogging/handmade event...I really feel like readership was down last week, and my conclusion was lots of followers were getting ready for QBM, stockpiling, and scheduling their blog posts. One of our sponsors April from Marine Parents had a booth there it looked so awesome...well all the booths looked pretty amazing! I found this picture on Snap the Conference website...

2. Make sure you utilize all social networking tools available to you, the more common ones like Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger. And then some uncommon ones like Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr.

3. I also entered my giveaways into an online contest database, Simply Stacie ...not sure if that helped but I gave it a whirl!

Now for the giveaway winners!! Drum roll please...

The winner of the Marine Parents very cherry clutch was SerayaSunshine, and the winner of the Bibeezbaby patchwork clutch was Laurie-Beth, and our last giveaway from A Life Unrehearsed for two bloom rings is still open until midnight tonight! So enter here if you haven't already!

Laurie-Beth and SerayaSunshine if you could send me an email that would be great!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy InstaFriday everyone! My instagram pics this week are of some giveaways that were on the blog...Tonight is your last chance to enter the first two so hurry up and get your entries on!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Guest Post-Bonnie Rose}

Here where I live in Fargo ND - summers here are extremely short. A few short months of warm weather, then the temps around here get colder, the winds blow more, and soon it's winter for another long 6 months. Brrrrrr. It's no wonder my husband and I want to move south in a few years. It's no wonder.

So back to my question.
Are you REALLY enjoying your summer?
Are you taking the time you need for YOU?

Self-care is something I very strongly believe in. It's so easy to get lost in all the gatherings, the responsibilities, the family outings - that well, you tend to lose yourself in all that busyness. It's so easy to put your own needs aside to cater to everyone else in your life. Or is this just me? Am I the only one that feels this way?
I just wanted today - to inspire you -
to take some time FOR YOU.

It can be a few minutes, a few hours. It could be a day or two. You know what you need. The important point here is that you just DO IT. Do it. Take that time for yourself. Don't feel guilty. Don't feel there are just too many other things to accomplish or to do. Just breathe and forget all that.
Go outside and read your favorite book, listen to your favorite music. Do what excites you, whatever that may be. Take some photographs of your world. Write in your journal. Play with paints. Sit by your sewing machine and just play with the fabrics and the thread. There doesn't have to be any real plans. Just take that much-needed time for you.

We all need it.
We all do.

Take the time every day - to nurture the woman you are.
You'll be so so glad you did.

Take the time. I dare you.


Ahh yay another giveaway from one of our August sponsors!! This one is from Bonita at A Life Unrehearsed, a fellow Indie Biz student. To find more out more about Bonita click *here*

Bonita's handmade BLOOM cabochon rings are completely adjustable to fit any ring size! And guess what she is giving away TWO that's right TWO of these beauties!!

I'm also linking up with Gussy for this week's Inspiration Thursday prompt GARDEN! Because well Bonita's pretty rings remind me of beautiful fresh picked flowers!

So just like our other giveaways you have 3 ways to win:

1. Make sure you are following A Life Unrehearsed and Sew Indy

2.  Tweet/Blog/or Facebook about this giveaway

3. Visit A Life Unrehearsed shop and tell me your favorite thing Bonita makes!

 Make sure you leave a comment for each :)

You have until Monday at midnight to enter...and the winner will be announced next week!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Tutorial by Earl}

Hi y’all! I’m Earl-Leigh and I have a little blog where I talk about random events in my life and sewing. I’m so psyched that Dallas is allowing me to guest post on her wonderful blog today!
 Some of you are about to cringe, but as an honorary Christmas Elf…I’m here to give a quick tutorial on a DIY owl ornament. Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I’m getting a jump start on this year’s handmade ornaments! The most fun aspect of this tutorial is that you can sew along with me or use glue (either fabric glue or hot glue) so that any little ones can help with your guidance. See instructions at the bottom if you do choose not to sew. If you do not want a woodland creature hanging from your tree or if you just don’t celebrate Christmas, you could use the tutorial and turn your ornaments into hood ornaments, lavender sachets or whatever else your creative brains come up with. Here goes!
What You’ll Need:
One 6 ½” x 8 1/2'” piece of pretty fabric or felt (I used felt)
Fabric Marker or Chalk
Coffee Mug or Soup Can
One- Hole Punch
One 8” to 12” Piece of Ribbon
Scrap Materials and Decorative Notions

1. Take your coffee mug or canned good and trace a circle onto a piece of cardstock or paper.
2. Draw two triangles on top of your circle and one on each side.  The second set of triangles will become your wings so you can be as fanciful or simple as you like.

             After cutting initially, I decided to give my owl round wings
3.  Cut two of your owl shapes out. One will be the front and one will be the back.  

4. Take one of your cut outs to be decorated and put the other one to the side.

I used a scrap piece of fabric, roughly the size of a guitar pick, to make my wings
5. I cut circles from another piece of fabric and used buttons to make eyes.

6.  I then cut a piece of fabric to make a beak.

7. Once satisfied with the looks of your owl, put your two pieces together wrong sides facing. (meaning you will still be able to see your new buddy’s cute little face)
8. Using a blanket stitch, begin your stitches below the ear to your right. (here’s another link in case you prefer photos to video)
9. Stop sewing once you reach the other ear. Now its time for you to make him or her fluffy with the stuffing. Make it as fat as you like.
10. Put the ends of your ribbon together and make a knot. Now you’ll have one big loop.
 Take your loop and insert the knotted end into the owl. Be sure to leave enough of your loop out to get a get a good hang.
11. Stitch the owl closed.

I glued a fuzzy chenille tummy on at the end
If you decide to glue, then you can just cut out one owl shaped piece of fabric. Decorate as you would like. Take the one-hole punch and punch a hole through the top of your new friend’s head (violent, I know). You’ll then insert your ribbon through the hole and volia!
I’m off to make a bunny now. If you have questions at any point, you can reach me at Bye y’all!

Have you checked out our giveaways from Bibeez Baby and Marine Parents!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Giveaway #2}

Frances from Bibeez Baby has donated a wonderful patch work zippered pouch, with bright fun fabrics (Even the lining). Red Grosgrain ribbon wristlet strap, and a mustard colored YKK zipper. Perfect for use as a clutch/purse, or for sunglasses, iPod and headphones, or a pencil pouch !

Wanna win this zippered pouch?? You can enter the following ways:

1. Make sure you are following Bibeez Baby and Sew Indy

2.  Tweet/Blog/or Facebook about this giveaway

3. Visit Bibeezbaby shop and tell me your favorite thing Frances makes!

That makes three ways to enter! Make sure you leave a comment for each :)

You have until Friday at Midnight to enter this giveaway, and the winners will be announced next week!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

{August Giveaway Week!!}

YAY for giveaways!! This whole week is going to be filled with great giveaways and guest posts from my lovely sponsors! You can check out my sponsors here or here. The first giveaway this week is from April at Marine Parents! She is giving away one of her very cherry ruffled bottom pouches.

This giveaway is open for residents of Canada and the U.S. and you can enter the following ways:

1. Make sure you are following Marine Parents and Sew Indy

2.  Tweet/Blog/or Facebook about this giveaway

3. Visit Marine Parents shop and tell me your favorite thing April makes!

That makes three ways to enter! Make sure you leave a comment for each :) You have until Friday August 12 at midnight to enter, and the winner will be announced next week!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Sponsorship Part 4}

Happy Thursday!! Today you get to find out more about the last 3 sponsors on Sew Indy! And guess what that means?? Giveaways and some wonderful guest posts start next week!!

Hi y’all! I’m Earl-Leigh, but you can call me Earl! I’m a southern wife and puppy momma. I blog about life, sewing, cupcakes and more. Did I mention that I like cupcakes? I did. Oh…well, that’s a very important fact. When I’m not feeding my pastry cravings, you may find me with my handsome husband and crazy, eyeglass eating pooch. I love to sew baby accessories and clutches with a few headbands stitched in between.I'm horrible at writing "about me" sections, so please forgive me! Friends?

Hi everyone! My name is Bonita Rose and I'm a creative soul living on the prairies in Fargo ND. I love to inspire. I am a noncustodial mom to my two fabulous teenage daughters. I am a collector and lover of all thing vintage. I love thrifting! I make art. I play with color. I sew and play with paint, paper, and rubber stamps. Art has always saved me. Always.
I am an abuse survivor, and am currently a brave girl, seeking therapy to deal with all the pain of my past. Real books and reading are two of my passions. One day, I want to write my story and share my life with the world. Writing to me comes as easy to me as breathing.
My dream is to one day, move down south with my husband Greg to Tybee Island, Georgia and live near the ocean. To expand my current Etsy shop to a real handmade and vintage store on the Island. To have my creative studio in my home near the ocean or in my shop, to inspire others. Always, to inspire others. xo
My Links:
flickr portfolio

Hi, my name is Claire; I am the girl behind the spots over at Polkadot-Pretties. I live in the UK. I am a full time mommy to 4 beautiful girls, they keep me very busy.
I am a self-taught sewist and have been sewing for just over a year; i tend to sew in the evenings when the girls have gone to bed. Over the last couple of months I have worked on building up my blog and navigating my way in the handmade community.
In May 2011 I decided to open my own online store “Shoppolkadotpretties” on etsy. In my shop you will find make-up bags, coin purses, mug rugs and other pretty things that have inspired me.
I love experimenting with different fabric and colour combinations.
I am proud of myself for tuning my ideas into plans; being organised is a key element for not only my business but my family as well.
You can read about my journey though motherhood, sewing and business at and buy my handmade pretties at I look forward to meeting youJ.

Thank you Dallas, for providing me with this great opportunity.

Claire xox

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Sponsorship Part 3}

I would like to introduce 3 more lovely sponsors on Sew Indy!! So far we have met April and Frances I hope you got a chance to check out their blogs and shops. The next 3 sponsors are ALL from Indie Biz, too cool we've all kept in touch!

A few of my favorite posts and goodies from Earl-Leigh!

Earl and Claire have organized an international giveaway, check it out and ENTER!!

Earl is a Gussy girl like me! I haven't linked up yet but I love this post...sniff almost makes me tear up it's so sweet! Earl is also a really great sewist....

Then we have the lovely Bonita Rose!! Such a busy lady she's awesome, I really like her prints but she also sells vintage wares, jewelry, fabric, and paper.

Shop Bonita Rose!

And then there's Claire! From England!! Love her mug rugs!!

Shop Polka Dot Pretties!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out more about these lovely ladies <3

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{Sponsorship Part 2}

So yesterday I let you in on 2 out of my 5 sponsors, April from Marine Parents and Frances from Bibeez Baby! And today you get to learn more about these lovely ladies....

hi sew indy reader!  i'm april, the blogger & seamstress behind marine parents.  i spend the majority of my days playing with & chasing my rambunctious toddler, amelia while my hubby serves in the marine corps.  during nap times & after bed time, i'm busy writing up blog posts, sewing pretty things and packaging orders.

it seems like just yesterday when sewing finally "clicked" for me -- it took my husband a full year to teach me how to master the trade {yes -- my HUSBAND taught me!}, and it's been a non-stop obsession since then.  i opened my etsy shop in march of this year and have been unbelievably blessed by how busy it keeps me.  i'm constantly learning something new & loving every minute of it.  i offer all sorts of handmade lovelies, from dSLR camera strap slipcovers to tote bags to statement necklaces.

feel free to connect with me online via my blog, shop, & facebook! i'd love to get to know you *wink*

Hey There! I’m Frances, nice to meet you :) I am an Air Force wife and a stay at home mom to my magnificent son- and I LOVE it!
My husband and I have been married 5 years, and I praise God for all he has provided us during this wonderful (wonderful is such an understatement) time. In the past 5 years we have had 7 different addresses that have spanned the United States, it’s been very exciting.  Before we had our son, I worked as a preschool teacher which didn’t pay much but, has given me a whole basketful of funny stories! My favorite story is of a little girl in Oklahoma. I asked her what we used our feet for and she replied “Kickin’ armadillos.” There you have it.
I love my life.
Now we are blessed with the most independent, inquisitive and energetic  1  year old you could ever meet. I am never bored, never without someone to talk to, and never, ever short on smiles.
I like to sew, read, have great conversation with even better friends, cook, I LOVE pastries and family time is a must! I am inspired by the women in my life that have gone before me, and a few that are going with me. I am encouraged by the Word and my husband, he’s the man ;-) That’s enough about me. (I posted more random facts about my life here, if you are interested. )
Here’s what you need to know about Bibeez Baby-
In our adventures- both ordinary and exciting- I have come across a few things that could be improved. I decided to make those improvements myself! So, Bibeez Baby is all about quality, custom creations that we use everyday. A hooded towel that is larger and more absorbent, a bib that has snaps instead of hook and loop closure, burp cloths that have flair and are super soft; all handmade for your custom order.
Our “tagline” is Busy Baby. Modern Mom. The things I make are for those busy babies that yank off their bibs the moment you put it on, or wriggle out of those tiny pint sized towels; and their Moms who refuse to go the traditional route of buying things from big box stores.

Monday, August 1, 2011

{August Sponsors Part 1}

I would like to introduce to you my lovely sponsors for August!! It's something new that I've never done before, but I thought I would give it a whirl. Sponsorship is such a great way to meet new friends, grow your business, and advertise. All these ladies have such wonderful, shops, and blogs, I'm happy to have them over here at Sew Indy!

This will be a 4 part feature, first I will do some introductions, then you can come back and read what my sponsors had to say about their shops, blogging, creating, crafting, and life!! I also have some great guest posts and GIVEAWAYS lined up!!

Just a few of my favorite items from our first sponsor April over at Marine Parents

I "met" my next sponsor Frances from Bibeez Baby through Indie Biz!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn alot more about the faces behind these goodies!!