Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{Sponsorship Part 2}

So yesterday I let you in on 2 out of my 5 sponsors, April from Marine Parents and Frances from Bibeez Baby! And today you get to learn more about these lovely ladies....

hi sew indy reader!  i'm april, the blogger & seamstress behind marine parents.  i spend the majority of my days playing with & chasing my rambunctious toddler, amelia while my hubby serves in the marine corps.  during nap times & after bed time, i'm busy writing up blog posts, sewing pretty things and packaging orders.

it seems like just yesterday when sewing finally "clicked" for me -- it took my husband a full year to teach me how to master the trade {yes -- my HUSBAND taught me!}, and it's been a non-stop obsession since then.  i opened my etsy shop in march of this year and have been unbelievably blessed by how busy it keeps me.  i'm constantly learning something new & loving every minute of it.  i offer all sorts of handmade lovelies, from dSLR camera strap slipcovers to tote bags to statement necklaces.

feel free to connect with me online via my blog, shop, & facebook! i'd love to get to know you *wink*

Hey There! I’m Frances, nice to meet you :) I am an Air Force wife and a stay at home mom to my magnificent son- and I LOVE it!
My husband and I have been married 5 years, and I praise God for all he has provided us during this wonderful (wonderful is such an understatement) time. In the past 5 years we have had 7 different addresses that have spanned the United States, it’s been very exciting.  Before we had our son, I worked as a preschool teacher which didn’t pay much but, has given me a whole basketful of funny stories! My favorite story is of a little girl in Oklahoma. I asked her what we used our feet for and she replied “Kickin’ armadillos.” There you have it.
I love my life.
Now we are blessed with the most independent, inquisitive and energetic  1  year old you could ever meet. I am never bored, never without someone to talk to, and never, ever short on smiles.
I like to sew, read, have great conversation with even better friends, cook, I LOVE pastries and family time is a must! I am inspired by the women in my life that have gone before me, and a few that are going with me. I am encouraged by the Word and my husband, he’s the man ;-) That’s enough about me. (I posted more random facts about my life here, if you are interested. )
Here’s what you need to know about Bibeez Baby-
In our adventures- both ordinary and exciting- I have come across a few things that could be improved. I decided to make those improvements myself! So, Bibeez Baby is all about quality, custom creations that we use everyday. A hooded towel that is larger and more absorbent, a bib that has snaps instead of hook and loop closure, burp cloths that have flair and are super soft; all handmade for your custom order.
Our “tagline” is Busy Baby. Modern Mom. The things I make are for those busy babies that yank off their bibs the moment you put it on, or wriggle out of those tiny pint sized towels; and their Moms who refuse to go the traditional route of buying things from big box stores.


  1. so fun to read about them.. however I'm not seeing the images?

  2. hmm interesting...I can see them. Guess I will check on that!