Thursday, November 17, 2011


Happy Friday! Lately InstaFriday is the only post I have been able to commit to, Instafriday is a really great post where you share your weekly Instagram app photos from your phone!

This week Trevor was home and we were able to have breakfast together. It's my favorite thing to do when Trevor is home, cook a nice breakfast and enjoy it in the morning over coffee.

Ahh the grocery store...

I got my nails filled and went with "white gold" for my tip color!

Trevor and I discussed that I could start putting Christmas decorations up December 1st...obviously I couldn't wait that long. If it was up to me I would have them up November 1st!

Mmmm my favorite hot sauce


  1. I love love love christmas! I haven't put decorations up yet but I have started listening to Christmas music which is definitely breaking my 'no-christmas till-after-thanksgiving-rule'!

  2. Whoops. Sorry you broke one-
    Great pictures!!

  3. Your tree is so cute! I used to put mine up November 1st, but this year I'm holding off since I'm hosting Thanksgiving. Do you live in Indy?

  4. Breakfast and coffee, glitter nails, and Sriracha! I am loving this post ;)

  5. love those nails! i am the same way about christmas. if i could have a "christmas" tree year round, i would! :)

  6. Those apples look delish! And I have a strict "no decoration for Christmas until after Thanksgiving" policy, but I can't wait to deck our hall! ;)

    happy InstaFriday!

  7. Awe thanks for all the wonderful comments ladies! Casa de Luna, No I'm not from Indy, it's actually a snowboarding reference. And lucky for me being Canadian means I celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so I can start decorating early!

  8. your nails look great. i really need to get mine done in the worst way. and, sriracha...i put THAT stuff on everything! love it!