Friday, November 25, 2011


yHappy InsaFriday! Here are a few of my Instagram pics from the week! I hope you enjoy...

Sorting through my grandma's tea mom and her 4 sister-in-laws got 80 tea cups each!! So my mom let me go through them and pick 6 for myself.

I ran out of ground coffee, so I got to use our coffee grinder for the first time this week.

I stopped at Timmie Ho's for a cookie and a coffee.

And with all this snow and cold weather, coco {the dog} stays inside more so I like to take her for more walks than I usually do which she loves!

And that means I have to bundle up!!


  1. i can't see any of your pics but i'm dying to see those tea cups! :)

  2. I tried something different this morning...hope you can see my instagram pics now...