Monday, January 9, 2012

{Lovely Links!}

Happy Monday!! It's been a very long weekend for me I completed my CPR and First Aid, I got 95%! Whoop Whoop! That took most of my weekend up the course was 2 days and each day was 8 hours, it pretty much felt like work...And now today I'm back in the office for a 12 hour day!

I wanted to share a few amazing websites/blogs that I recently came across. I'm sure many of you may have already heard of these great websites, but I'm always a little late on things like that.


                                                      Apartment Therapy Family

Apartment Therapy Family features nurseries and children's rooms from around the world! It's a great site for decorating ideas, and inspiration!

                                                               Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is just like Apartment Therapy Family but instead of nurseries, and children's rooms, it's the whole home! Some of these spaces are so beautiful! I could spend hours on this website!

                                                                     Heavy Petal

I also have a love for gardening, Trevor and I are planning on doing some major landscaping-planting-pruning-and gardening this summer, and Heavy Petal is just the place to start. This Canadian based blogger, has tons of tips for planting and gardening!

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  1. Oh so pretty! Apartment Therapy is the greatest :) Your blog is beautiful!